Grief & Loss

The pain of loss can be overwhelming with many difficult emotions. We are here to assist you with some of life’s hardest moments.


Anxiety / Stress / Depression

Thoughts, responses, and emotions can spiral out of control and it can feel too difficult to cope with the discomfort. Together, we can help you find balance and regain your power.



Restore stability and self-regulation in body and mind through grounding, self-awareness, and relaxation.



Finally, a road map to understanding your child’s emotional needs and building confidence through The Circle of Security Parenting approach.



Strain, hurt, and disconnection in relationships is not uncommon. Having the right tools can enhance communication, renew hope, and deepen connection.


Life Transitions; Adoption; Divorce

Transitions can be riddled with stress, but having practical strategies to navigate this can aid in strengthening goals and building success where you most need it.



Trauma can be a familiar numbing sensation that creates roadblocks in relationships and in your capacity to function, but together we can make sense of your pain and heal.

identity development

Identity development

Gain insight and personal growth as you explore what values, beliefs, and experiences make you who you are today, and more importantly, who you want to be in the future.


Risk Assessment & Addictions

Discussing some of your greatest struggles can assist you in making sense of your challenges, alleviate personal risk or harm, and aid you in your own process of change.

When Life is Challenging,
We All Need Support

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