“We are not what happened to us,
we are what we choose to become.”

– Carl Jung

From early adulthood to elderhood, we honour each client with the support and security they deserve. Therapy is not just for crisis management. It is a safe space for you to feel truly seen, heard, and valued. We can be with you during difficult times to help you organize your thoughts and, most importantly, your feelings. Some people come with a specific mental health issue in mind; others, to learn more about themselves or to process life events.

Some reasons why people choose therapy:

“A therapist is someone who joins you in your deepest darkness with a flashlight to help you find your way out…”

– Tori Press

Counselling is a collaborative process. We can support you with:

What can I hope to gain from counselling?

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No matter the reason or goal in mind, we will collaborate with you to provide personalized treatment plans, taking into account your individual strengths, and assessing any specific barriers to change. Our quality therapeutic approach employs evidence-based approaches and techniques with you in mind.

Our therapeutic modalities include:

We appreciate that life can feel overwhelming, challenging, or even unbearable at times. Our open-minded, empathic, and creative approach aims to make what can be challenging, more manageable, hopeful, and even fun!

“The curious paradox is that when I can accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”

– Carl Rogers