"Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you”

- Misty Copeland

Sarah Harris (She/Her)

BSc Psych, MC, RCC

From a young age, I have been drawn to people and to their stories. I wanted to know more about them and how their past, present, and future experiences shaped their lives so far. This passion for psychology, alongside my desire to learn and understand more about my own journey, has led me to this career, which I am so grateful for.

Originally from Kelowna, I completed my BSc in Psychology in Nottingham, England, in 2003 and following this, trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in London. This skill and technique allowed my clients to access their unconscious mind with more ease and with that, gain personal insights, learn new ways of being, and make their desired changes. It also provides tools for mindfulness and relaxation, shown to be essential in both learning and maintaining life changes.

During the 13 years I lived in the UK, I married my wonderful husband and we grew into our family with 3 beautiful children. Enticed back by the fantastic quality of life that the Okanagan offers, as well as a supportive community of friends and neighbours, our family relocated to Kelowna in 2013 and we have not been disappointed!

As a life-long learner, I am committed to further education, research, and the practice of theory, tools, and resources that will best serve each individual client. I recently completed the Circle of Security Parenting™ training, focusing on the importance of emotional bonds and attachment needs, which continues to influence and guide my work with individuals, couples, families, and groups.

I know only too well how difficult change can be, especially when we are feeling overwhelmed, distressed, or hopeless. Asking for help, sharing your story and expressing your needs takes courage, and I offer a safe, secure space to do this. I feel truly privileged to witness people’s life stories and support my clients as they learn new healthy ways to think, behave, and feel.

Contact Sarah on 250 575 1497 or sarah@relateandrestore.ca for further information or to make an appointment.

Nicole Fakaua (She/Her)

BA Psych, MC, RCC​

I’ve learned that life is unpredictable and one of my favorite quotes from G. Cloud has been this: “Change is inevitable but growth is intentional”. As someone who appreciates certainty, there have been many times in my own life where change has been confronting and scary. I’ve learned that as I have consciously stepped forward, the process of growth has been surprisingly raw, a little messy, but so incredibly valuable. I’ve learned that change of any kind feels like loss, but confronting fear has equated to growth, healing, and a wrestling towards a truer version of the ‘real me’. As someone who is personally invested in growth, I honor each person’s story and unique journey while offering you a place of safety in order to explore your own change process.  I love learning and consistently put effort into research, understanding best practice, and utilizing resources and tools that will best serve you.

Originally from the Lower Mainland, I moved to Kelowna in the seventh grade. After high school, I completed my BA in Psychology at Trinity Western University and then moved to Australia. Over my 12 years there, I met my husband and we quickly grew our family (four children in six years) while I directed a cross cultural counselling program. When our youngest was 2 months old, we moved to SE Asia pioneering our foundation working extensively with children at risk. We provided educational and mentoring support, facilitating counseling seminars, training opportunities, and  engaging in international collaboration for the welfare of disadvantaged youth and children. Encountering injustice and trauma grew my desire for further training and that was really the primary motivation to complete my Masters in Counselling at Gonzaga University. 

In 2016, our family relocated to Canada and we are loving the adventures and craziness that having a large family brings into our lives. I continue to direct our foundation in Thailand and work as a clinician part-time for Complex Trauma Resources.

I often infuse both a trauma-informed and an attachment based outlook in my practice, while working with individuals (children and adults), couples, and groups that struggle with life transitions, identity, anxiety, depression, trauma and loss.  Change of any kind requires courage and I know how hard it is to take that first step forward.  I would be honored to journey with you or your child and to engage in this process of growth while understanding your roadblocks and finding true solutions to health and wellness.

Contact Nicole on 250 859 0634 or nicole@relateandrestore.ca for further information or to make an appointment.