“Kids need love the most when they are the most unlovable”

Life can be especially difficult for children and youth in today’s world. Real issues can cause children and youth social, emotional, relational, educational, and even at times, physical distress.

These issues can include:

When kids are struggling, it is heartbreaking for a parent or caregiver and can disrupt family dynamics. Unaided, this can lead to long-term impact on self-esteem, and disruptive coping mechanisms. We believe everyone needs support at different times in their lives.

Our aim is to help your child/youth learn new tools and techniques so they can identify and cope with these challenges and find solutions to help them thrive.

Relate and Restore is committed to helping your child or youth successfully cope with challenging situations so they can adapt and heal; experiencing connection, meaning, and joy.

Our role as child counsellors is to:

Help your child and/or youth with any issue that is significantly impacting their life and to help them:

Help you as parents/caregivers to:

Our approach is:

You might be here today because you are wondering if your child or youth might need counselling. Some common signs of distress that indicate your child might need help are:

Therapeutic Modalities (How do we do this?)

At Relate and Restore Counselling, our therapists understand the unique ways in which children and youth process experiences and information, and utilize different and creative modalities to help them work toward resolution, heal, and grow.

“Enter into child’s play and you will find the place
where minds, hearts, and souls meet”

– Virginia Axline